SRS Player is a video streaming player, supports HLS/HTTP-FLV/WebRTC etc.


First, you should get your own video streaming server. Highly recommend to Create SRS Droplet by 1-Click.

Then, publish live streaming by OBS to your server, you should be able to play the stream by VLC, please follow the tutorial

Next, visit your WordPress, install this plugin, and create a post with the following shortcodes:

  • For HLS: [srs_player url="https://your_droplet_ip/live/livestream.m3u8"]
  • For WebRTC: [srs_player url="webrtc://your_droplet_ip/live/livestream"]
  • For HTTP-FLV: [srs_player url="https://your_droplet_ip/live/livestream.flv"]

If you are stuck, please get help from discord


You could specify options, for example, to limit the HLS:

[srs_player url="https://your_droplet_ip/live/livestream.m3u8" width="720"]

The options of SRS player:

  • url: The url to play, supports HLS, HTTP-FLV and WebRTC, please see Usage.
  • width: (Optional) The width to limit the video, it’s not required.

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