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SnakeOil XY

Stable hi-speed, small size fully-featured affordable CoreXY 3D printer. Inspired by HevORT, Voron, Annex Engineering and EVA2 design.



Feature Credit/Inspiration by/Description
3 Point bed leveling HevORT, Wobble ring
Belted Z Lulz bot, Voron
Din mounter Voron
Cross belt corexy belt path HevORT
Eva compatible toolhead EVA
Filament spoll in side chamber
Quick release panels Added on beta2 release
Built-in chamber air filter Added on beta1 release
Auto build sheet detect and profile loader Work in progress
AIO filament runout + jam detector + width sensor Work in progress
Modular sensor add-on system Work in progress
Probe(bed mesh) on print area only Added on beta2 using klipper macro
Screwless belt mounter VzBot
Bed fan Qholia

Input shaper test result (beta2 1515 gantry with Sherpa mini extruder)


Demo videos

Bed coupling SpeedBoatRace Slow benchy
Video Bed coupling Speed benchy Slow benchy
Hardware version beta1 beta2 beta2


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