A starter project for build REST API with Express, Sequelize, PostgresSQL, supported JWT Authentication, and File Upload handler


Getting Started

Follow the steps below to start the application

  1. Clone this repo with using command on your terminal git clone
  2. Change current directory to application with commnd cd express-starter
  3. Install node modules npm install

Environment & Database

This aplication using PostgreSQL as a DBMS, you must setup your information connection into file .env

  1. In current directory cp .env.example .env
  2. Edit .env file with your connection setup:

    DATABSE_URL=postgres://username:[email protected]:port/mydb
  3. Run postgres service in your computer or you can try this command npm run postgres-start equal to pg_ctl -D ~/pg start
  4. Login to psql terminal and create new database using name blog
  5. In current directory run npm run migrate and npm run seeding
  6. Before running command on point 5, your computer must installed sequelize-cli or you can install manual with command npm i sequelize-cli --save-dev

Check connection

In current directory running the application with command npm run dev run dev

API Documentation


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