Nunjucks-Gulp-Tailwind-Alpine starter

A bare bones project template that helps you build static sites fast 🚀

This project uses:

Get started

  1. Clone or download the repo

  2. Install dependencies

    npm install
  3. Spin up a server and run all Gulp tasks

    gulp watch
  4. A browser window will open to https://localhost:3000/en. Navigate to https://localhost:3000/fr for the French version.



  1. English content goes into locales/en.yaml. French content goes into locales/fr.json. You need to use the same variable name (the key in the key-value) in both of these files. See pages/index.njk for implementation.

    If you prefer to use JSON, you can do so by changing the appropriate tasks in the gulpfile (code for it is there, just need to uncomment and remove the YAML implementation).

Other Gulp tasks

There are other Gulp tasks you can (and should) run that aren’t automatically run with the gulp command. These include:

  • a11y: Uses the gulp-accessibility plugin to check for accessibility problems in your HTML.
  • validate: Uses the gulp-html plugin to validate your HTML.


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