010100472522 – Web Design

FIT Ho Chi Minh city University of Food Industry

Taught by Đinh Nguyễn Trọng Nghĩa


The aim of this module is learn the languages that developers use to build webpages: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) for content, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for design, learn modern techniques like CSS variables, and best practices for accessibility by building a web form and learn how to make webpages that respond to different screen sizes with Flexbox, and a complex blog layout with CSS Grid. We also learn how to use Bootstrap to gives us the ability to easily create responsive designs, JavaScript – the programming language of the Web and Web Programming we’ll learn later.


Reponsive Static Web Deisign with CSS and JavaScript.

Project Topic: Selling Website

This project…

Project Due Date

06-01-2022 23:59 AM

Our custom domain: http://www.group4shoesshop.cf/


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