Health Check

Statsig’s Open-Source Status Page

We tried various Status Pages out there, and built this as a fun little hobby project to make status pages as simple as possible.


Setup instructions

  1. Fork the template repository.
  2. Update urls.cfg to include your urls.

  1. Update index.html and change the title.

<title>My Status Page</title>
<h1>Services Status</h1>
  1. Set up GitHub Pages for your repository.


How does it work?

This project uses GitHub actions to wake up every hour and run a shell script ( This script runs curl on every url in your config and appends the result of that run to a log file and commits it to the repository. This log is then pulled dynamically from index.html and displayed in a easily consumable fashion. You can also run that script from your own infrastructure to update the status page more often.

What does it not do (yet)?

  1. Incident management.
  2. Outage duration tracking.
  3. Updating status root-cause.

Got new ideas?

Send in a PR – we’d love to integrate your ideas.

In case…

You are looking for a developer friendly Feature flags, and A/B experimentation service for your product, check out:

Statsig status page


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