Twitchery – Twitch Account Creator

  • A Twitch Account Creator, with captcha bypass.
  • Unverified, still working. ( reason, for being free )
  • Dont skid / sell.


  • Install Node

  • Run cmd and type node twitchery.js – Now you done!

  • Please keep in mind, per iP you can create 3 – 4 accounts without captcha, then you will need a VPN or Autoproxy. I’ll p preffer nordvpn autoswitch, but proxy support will be added as soon as possible!


  • At 5 stars, the first update will push!
  • Proxy support will be addded!
  • Captcha solver service will be added!
  • Email + Phone verify will be added!
  • Request based twitchery will be sold soon!

Contact Me

If you need help, or want a custom software, feel free to Contact Me.


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