qb-phone (with discord app)

Stock qb-phone with an added discord app.

Run the provided discordapp.sql file

CREATE TABLE `phone_chatrooms` (
    `id` INT unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    `room_code` VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL UNIQUE,
    `room_name` VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL,
    `room_owner_id` VARCHAR(20),
    `room_owner_name` VARCHAR(60),
    `room_members` TEXT DEFAULT '{}', 
    `room_pin` VARCHAR(50),
    `unpaid_balance` DECIMAL(10,2) DEFAULT 0,
    `is_masked` BOOLEAN DEFAULT 0,
    `is_pinned` BOOLEAN DEFAULT 0,
    `created` DATETIME DEFAULT NOW(),
    PRIMARY KEY (`id`)

INSERT INTO `phone_chatrooms` (`room_code`, `room_name`, `room_owner_id`, `room_owner_name`, `is_pinned`) VALUES
	('411', '411', 'official', 'Government', 1),
	('lounge', 'The Lounge', 'official', 'Government', 1),
	('events', 'Events', 'official', 'Government', 1);

CREATE TABLE `phone_chatroom_messages` (
    `id` INT unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    `room_id` INT unsigned,
    `member_id` VARCHAR(20),
    `member_name` VARCHAR(50),
    `message` TEXT NOT NULL,
     `is_pinned` BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE,
     `created` DATETIME DEFAULT NOW(),
    PRIMARY KEY (`id`)


  • My edit of qb-input to allow for some front end magic.
  • cd_terminalhacker (optional can be switched out using below instructions)


  • Buying public/private chatrooms.
  • Chatroom moderation (kick people, delete messages, pin messages)
  • Search function in rooms.
  • Option to join chatroom or view. If you join you get push notifications.
  • Create pin codes for your room, turn it private/public.
  • Create “hacked” rooms via a hacked phone.
  • Hacked rooms can only be seen by those with a hacked phone.
  • Attach pictures to rooms by posting the link (auto embed)

The app is configured to work around legal and illegal selling of chatrooms (default location inside Patochoe’s Cyberbar MLO)

For legal selling, you approach the seller and purchase the chatroom (configued with qb-target and qb-input). For illegal selling you need to hack your phone with a cracked usb. This script does not provide a way to get the item, you must implement this yourself (through house robbery loot tables or other means).

The phone hack is by default using the paid cd_terminalhack resource. This can easily be swapped for an alternative in qb-phone:client:TriggerPhoneHack in client/room_creation.lua

Any bugs feel free to PR, I am not maintaining this resource just releasing my work to the public. It’s been extensively tested already on a live server.

###Shows with a hacked phone in pocket


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