NiceHash QuickMiner

Please use Wiki (still work in progress but contains most of information you are after).

Why you should use NiceHash QuickMiner over NiceHash Miner? Read here.

Do you own a workstation with many Quadro GPUs or server with many Tesla cards? Monetize idle time with QuickMiner!

Current expected income when using NiceHash QuickMiner:

Profitability list

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Supported hardware:

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1000 series with min. 6 GB of GDDRAM,
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2000 series with min. 6 GB of GDDRAM,
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 series with min. 6 GB of GDDRAM,
  • NVIDIA Quadro P series and later with min. 5 GB of GDDRAM,
  • NVIDIA Tesla P series and later,
  • Intel CPUs with AVX2,
  • AMD CPUs with AVX2.

If you have GeForce RTX 3060, read here about drivers.

NiceHash QuickMiner contains latest version of Excavator bundled with:

  • watchdog (NiceHashQuickMiner.exe),
  • OCTune and
  • (optional) XMRig CPU Miner (xmrig.exe).

Data for optimisation profiles is here: (for versions
If you have any suggestions for improvements (better clocks for better efficiency), open issue and let us know.

Download, installation, how to run, uninstallation

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