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Svelte store that saves and loads data from localStorage or sessionStorage. Works with Svelte Kit out of the box.

If Storage is updated the store will sync to reflect the new state.

By default only JSON serializable values are handled, but custom serialization and deserialization functions can be provided.


npm install @furudean/svelte-persistent-store


import { persistent } from "@furudean/svelte-persistent-store"

const preferences = persistent({
	start_value: {
		foo: "bar"
	key: "preferences", // key to save as in Storage
	storage_type: "localStorage" // Storage object to use

Custom serialization functions

Since LocalStorage and SessionStorage only support strings, data needs to be saved as strings. This is called serialization. You can pass custom serializer and deserializer functions if you require specific behavior when loading or saving data from Storage.

For example, you can handle numbers like this:

const persistent_number = persistent({
	start_value: 0,
	key: "my-persistent-number",
	storage_type: "localStorage",
	serialize: (value) => value.toString(), // transform before saving
	deserialize: (value) => Number(value) // transform after loading


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