Hacker News Extended

This is an extension for Google Chrome that:

  • displays the latest links from Y Combinator’s Hacker News
  • Offers a link for submitting the url of the current tab.
  • shows previous results when submitting in case someone recently submitted


Usage instructions

This extension has not yet been published. To use this you’ll have to:

  • clone this repo
  • open chrome://extensions/ and enable Developer mode
  • “Load unpacked” and open the folder that contains this repo

Now you should have the orange “Y” square in your chrome extensions list (I use it often enough that I “pin” it to the top.)

  • click it to see the HN front page, and search
  • whatever page you are on, you can use this extension to submit that current page

See also

My other fave extension: https://github.com/sw-yx/Twitter-Links-beta


The starter code for this extension came from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hacker-news/geancnifhbkbjijfkcjjdnfemppmcjmk

Migrated to v3 with https://blog.shahednasser.com/chrome-extension-tutorial-migrating-to-manifest-v3-from-v2/

other helpful:


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