Sync roles between multiple discord servers.


In config.json, you will find a roles array. For every role you want to sync between servers, you should create a new object in that array, the schema for that object is as follows;

        "base_guild": "805298672475701249", // The "base" Guild ID, where the original role is.
        "base_role_id": "947745665335840779", // The "base" role ID. (Syncing Role)
        "extending_guild": "767525765490278430", // The Guild ID you want to sync this role to
        "extending_role_id": "951270256217841744" // The role ID of the synced role on the extending guild

Any member in the “base” role will be added to the “extending” role in the other guild.


This check runs whenever the bot starts, it also runs on a cron timer which you can edit in the config. Whenever a member joins any guild, it checks all roles again to instantly sync the member’s roles.

This app is used in production and there for no prs will be accepted on master, please pr to dev for it to be reviewed.


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