Versoly UI - Tailwind CSS component library based on Bootstrap

Versoly UI

Tailwind CSS components library based on Bootstrap, build websites without reinventing the wheel.

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Versoly UI is an open source components library built on Tailwind CSS and based on Bootstrap classes and components. Websites usually always include a small number of the same components such as buttons, cards and navbars. Versoly UI provides these components similar to Bootstrap and allows for developers to easily swap styling between projects without the manual work.

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Getting started

Versoly UI can be included as a plugin into an existing Tailwind CSS project and will help you build websites faster by having a set of components to work with.

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💡 Inspiration

  • Tailwind: created an easy to use utility library that is easily extendable and flexible. Their variant and just in time compiler changed the game for developers.
  • Bootstrap: built so many useful components and saved developers billions of hours recreating the wheel.
  • Daisy UI: an interesting approach to building a Tailwind CSS library.
  • Flowbite: clean Tailwind CSS components built with only Tailwind classes.
  • Twind: is a tiny Tailwind-in-JS that makes working with multiple themes very easy.


If you need help or just want to discuss about the library join the community on Github:

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For casual chatting with others using the library:

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