What’s this?

Tgdtp is an Telegram Web App date and time picker. With it, you can make a easy choice of date and time for your bot. Please read the license before use.

Getting Started

Send message from bot to user with web_app type button link to Process event message with web_app_data field, which will contain timespamp and timezoneOffset.

web_app_data: {
  button_text: 'test', 
  data: '1649812020000_-240' 

This is example of web_app_data. In this case timespamp is 1649812020000, and timezoneOffsetis -240.

Important: Do not use an inline keyboard to open this application.


You can find examples in examples folder, and also find it below.

Last words

I you have questions, or you find an error, you can create issues.


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