TBCalc – Console Calculator

The best desktop console calculator yet!

🌐 Try TBCalc Online: https://tbcalc.tcb13.com

💻 TBCalc Windows App: https://tbcalc.tcb13.com/download/TBCalc-v1-1-0-Setup.zip

TBCalc brings the power and usability of a console to everyday math. Most calculator applications are great, but unfortunately they provide a very poor experience when it comes keyboards. TBCalc fixes that by merging a typical console enviroment with a powerful calculator.


Project Philosophy

  • Make the best desktop calculator, optimized for keyboards instead of touch devices;
  • Self-contained web application without external dependencies;
  • No tracking and/or other intrusive stuff;
  • No build process;
  • Take advange of ES6 and browser’s latest features / ignore older browsers.


TBCalc is developed to be a self-contained web application without external dependencies. It comes with math.js, bootstrap, boostrap-icons and popper.js. Clone this repository and you’re good to go.

Copyright © TCB13 (Tadeu Bento) 2022. Licensed as GPLv3.


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