Google Calendar Interface for IOT apps

This project holds the code of a google web-app that can be used to query your google calendar for i.e. use in IOT applications. The web-app checks your calendar for events that start or end on a specific date and parses the info into a JSON string.


The date to check can be specified by supplying a correctly formatted date parameter in the URL to this web-app. For an example, the URL to request info on events for 4 july 2022, use this URL:


The format of the date is:


Note that month and day needs to be specified with two digits. So use 01 instead of 1 for january. If no date is specified, or the formatting is not as expected, the query date will be set to today.


A JSON record is made for every start and/or end of an event in the calendar on the specified date. Each record contains:

  • If it is the start of an event or the end (type: start/end)
  • The title of the event (title: “Teatime”)
  • The description of the event (description: “Afternoon tea chop chop”)
  • The time of the start or end of the event: h: hours m: minutes s: seconds (decimals allowed for seconds)


Event “Make tea”, with a description of “Afternoon tea chop chop” that starts at 15:00:00.000h end ends at 16:59:59.999h on the query date will be returned as:

{"type" = "start", "title": "Make tea", "description": "Afternoon tea chop chop", "h":15, "m":00, "s": 0}, {"type" = "end", "title": "Make tea", "description": "Afternoon tea chop chop",  "h":16, "m":59, "s": 59.999}

Test scenarios

Some basic testscenarios were used, based on this calendar: Woops, no figure here The output for 4 July is:

   {"type":"end","title":"Test 1","description":"","h":0,"m":30,"s":0}, {"type":"start","title":"test 4","description":"","h":0,"m":0,"s":0}, {"type":"start","title":"test 2","description":"","h":14,"m":0,"s":0}, {"type":"end","title":"test 2","description":"","h":15,"m":0,"s":0}, {"type":"start","title":"test 5","description":"Description goes here","h":16,"m":0,"s":0}, {"type":"end","title":"test 5","description":"Description goes here","h":17,"m":0,"s":0}, {"type":"start","title":"test 3","description":"","h":23,"m":55,"s":0}


This project was inspired by


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