The project consists in developing an online game, with an open-source code, based on a traditional board game, with the objective of improving the level of maturity of the players in cybersecurity.


Within a time limit, you will have to answer a series of questions on the theme of cybersecurity. Each correct answer gives you extra time. To answer the questions, you must drag and drop the card on one of the sides. At the end of the timer, your score is computed. Have fun !


You can play with a username or by being anonymous.


You can choose the type of quiz :

Beginner: your use of the Internet is limited to reading emails, social networks and some research.

Advanced : You use the Internet at work, for your administrative procedures, you are subscribed to third party services.


To answer the quiz you have the possibility to swipe right, left, top, bottom or you can press the buttons corresponding to the choices.



Details Board

In this table, you can find the questions with the correct detailed answers with your answers.


At the end of your game you can see your place in the ranking with your score among the different players depending on the difficulty.

Technical Part

Installation / Execution with Docker

  • Install Docker
$ sudo apt-get install docker-ce docker-ce-cli
  • Build the project
$ sudo docker-compose build
  • Run the project
$ sudo docker-compose up

Navigate in http://localhost:3000/ for client && http://localhost:5000/ for server

Installation / Execution ReactJS

Download Packages

npm install

Start && Watch

npm start

Runs the app in the development mode. Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in the browser. The page will reload if you make edits. You will also see any lint errors in the console.

Web client structure

├─ public/                       # Public files (HTML, Favicon, .JSON)
├─ src/
     ├─ Components/              # Components
     ├─ Assets/                  # Assets (Logo, Video, Images)
     ├─ Pages/                   # Pages
     │    ├─ Home.js             # Page Home
     │    ├─ ChooseQuiz.js       # Page ChooseQuiz
     │    ├─ QuizMajor.js        # Page QuizMajor
     │    ├─ QuizMinor.js        # Page QuizMinor
     │    ├─ ScoreMajor.js       # Page ScoreMajor
     │    └─ ScoreMinor.js       # Page ScoreMinor
     ├─ App.js                   # Routes of App
     ├─ style/                   # CSS files 
     ├─ Dockerfile
     └─ package.json             # File Package (Dependencies)

Installation / Execution Flask

Download Packages

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run Server

flask run

Navigate in http://localhost:5000/

Server Routes

  • post :
    • add score (/addScore) :
      • request :

          "username": "username",
          "difficulty": "difficulty",
          "score": "score"
      • response :
        • 200 : success
        • 400 : missing arguments
  • get :
    • get leaderboard (/getLeaderboard) :
      • request :

          "difficulty": "difficulty"
      • response :
        • 400 : missing arguments
        • 200 : success

                "username": "username",
                "score": "score",
                "date": "date"

UML FrontEnd

Norme Commit

[ADD] — if you add files, features, and so on

[FIX] — if you were working on a bug or any form of default that you corrected

[DEL] — if you removed files, features, assets, and so on

[UP] — if you change something without adding any features or content


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