TextUtils and Notes Taking Website

This Website is the Mixture of the Two Website Created by me in the Past.The links of the Repositories is given below:

  1. TextUtils Website
  2. Notes taking Website

The Features of this Website

  1. You Can add notes
  2. You can Perform Many Activities on the Note you want to add Like Converting it into Upper Case,Lower Case Removing Extra Space, Numbers,Punctuations
  3. There is no External Library Used

This Project was Created to Bring the Both the Notes Taking Website and TextUtils together so that the user should not go to two website but can perform action Mentioned in the Feature sections and the User save the Note foe Future use.This project is created with no other External library.

If you Find any Errors or If you want to Suggest any more Features use the Issues Section

This Repository is under the License Unlicense


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