Genfolio is a no-code platform for generating developer portfolios.

Our stack

  • We use a Svelte frontend to create a responsive and speedy website without the overhead of a virtual DOM.
  • The frontend interfaces with an Express.js API on the backend to handle requests in an optimal manner.
  • The GitHub API is queried to provide accurate information on a developer’s achievements and contributions.

For our deployment at, we also use

  • An NGINX reverse proxy to manage TLS/SSL connection and encryption of requests,
  • And Cloudflare DNS with encrypted proxying on the edge to further secure our traffic, and prevent DDoS attacks against our service.


Apply a .env as per the [server environment configuration](server/ Variables). (optional) Run the ./ script at the root of this repository.

To run development builds of the Genfolio services individually, refer to the specific files within each directory.


This is a group submission for TechOptimum by David Chen, Leonid Metlitsky, John Murphy, and Richard Watkins.


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