Charon – NodeJS Server SDK

This is the NodeJS server SDK for Charon: A new form of secure, passwordless authentication.

The SDK currently serves as a layer built on top of the Charon Authentication server API. With support for verifying users as an express middleware function and setting up pre-built endpoints for your client to interact with. Works well when paired with any CharonClient libraries (such as charonclientnode).

This SDK can be used client side, however it is strongly discouraged to do so doing this would compromise your API token.

Before you start

  1. Create your app on Charon
  2. Create a new instance of the CharonServer with the APIKey
  3. Use the different functions supported by the API

Express setup using the pre-built endpoints (for easy use with any CharonClient SDKs)

    var app = express();
    var charonServer = new CharonAPIEndpoints("API TOKEN HERE");

    //our endpoints use async code by default

    //endpoint for creating a new user'/api/v1/charon/create',charonServer.createUserEndpoint);

    //endpoint for getting all pending device sign ins for a particular user'/api/v1/charon/pending',charonServer.getPendingAuthDevicesEndpoint);

    //endpoint for requesting a login to an account from a device'/api/v1/charon/login',charonServer.requestLoginEndpoint);
    //endpoint for authenticate a pending login request'/api/v1/charon/authenticate',charonServer.authenticatePendingEndpoint);


Using the verifyAccount middleware for any endpoints that require authentication to use (such as creating a post)

    var app = express();

    var charonServer = new CharonServer("API TOKEN HERE");

    //for requests that require authentication, ADD THE USERNAME AND KEY OF THE ACCOUNT TO THE HTTP POST BODY'/post/create',charonServer.verifyAccountMiddleware,async function(req,res,next){
        if(req.charon.auth == true){
        //write your own post logic here:

        }else if(req.charon.auth == false){


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