This module is a plugin for ssb-db2 which implements the classic SSB feed format. You can use this module as an ssb-db2 plugin, or you can use it as a standalone tool to generate and validate classic messages.


npm install ssb-classic

Usage in ssb-db2

YOU MOST LIKELY DON’T NEED TO DO THIS, because ssb-db2 bundles ssb-classic already. But maybe one day ssb-db2 won’t bundle it anymore, and then you would have to do this.

 SecretStack({appKey: require('ssb-caps').shs})
+  .use(require('ssb-db2'))
+  .use(require('ssb-classic'))
   .call(null, config)

Usage as a standalone

const ssbKeys = require('ssb-keys');
const classicFormat = require('ssb-classic');

const msgVal = classicFormat.newNativeMsg({
  keys: ssbKeys.generate(),
  content: {
    type: 'post',
    text: 'Hello, world!',
  previous: null,
  hmacKey: null,

This module conforms with ssb-feed-format so with ssb-classic you can use all the methods specified by ssb-feed-format.




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