The power of the atom in the palm of your hand

adds multiple new content to the game, most notable being the readdition of Uranium


Credits are in credits


Name Category Description Added
Uranium Material Originally in v3.5 and lower Yes
Uranium 235 Material Enriched from Uranium and used to make weaponry Yes
Control Rods Material Used to control the power of the Reactor Yes
Nuclear Waste Material Outputted from Nuclear Reactors, was useless. I’ll find a way to use it though. Scrapped, but may be added
Toxic Status Causes debuffs such as damage, slowness, damage debuff and such more. Yes
Uranium Seeder Production Uses the power of Spore Pods to convert Thorium into Uranium Yes
Mass Spectrometer Uranium Enricher Production Converts Uranium to U235 Yes
Gas Uranium Enricher Production Converts Uranium to U235 at a faster rate, but requires a higher power usage Yes
Control Rod Factory Production Produces Uranium Control Rods Yes
Uranium Reactor Power Don’t forget to put in the coolant Yes
Actiner Turret Nuclear powered turret that fires high-velocity and high-voltage lasers using Uranium and U235 respectively Yes
M.A.D Termination Music Composed by (my friend) @Nulore7 Will add in a later version


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