The simplest way to get an URL ready string.



const urlifyr = require('urlifyr');
// or import urlifyr from 'urlifyr';

console.log(urlifyr('Hello World!'));
// outputs: hello-world

Usage with options

const urlifyr = require('urlifyr');
// or import urlifyr from 'urlifyr';

const cfg = {
  accept: '-',
  whiteSpace: '-',
  sz: true,
  special: '',
  lowerCase: true,
  trim: true,

console.log(urlifyr('Hello World!', cfg));
// outputs: hello-world

Supported options

Option Type Default Remark
accept String - Additional characters to be accepted.
whiteSpace String - The replacement for white spaces.
special String EMPTY The replacement for not accepted characters.
lowerCase Boolean true When true forces the output to be lower-case.
trim Boolean true When true removes duplicated replacements.
sz Boolean true When true replaces the German character Eszet with sz instead of ss.


$ yarn
$ yarn test


Contributions are welcome. 🙇‍♂️

This package is made on my spare time. If you find something wrong or think there is something that can be improved, please feel free to submit a pull-requests with your contribution and I will review it and get back to you ASAP.

Thank you! 🙏


This project is a fork from Urlifyjs by Daniel Emod Kovacs.

The original project seems not to be mainteined anymore, since it was last updated 6 years ago (as of May 10th, 2022).


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