Pensela: The Swiss Army Knife of Screen Annotation Tools


  • Basic Shapes
    • Rectangle
    • Circle
    • Triangle
    • Lines (Straight and Freehand)
    • Any Polygon
  • Stickers: Pre Added Shapes
    • Star
    • Cross
    • Tick
    • Single and Double Sided Arrows
  • Highlighter
  • Laser Pointer
  • Screenshot Tool
  • Text Support
  • Backgound Pages
  • Custom Color Picker  
  • And More …



A Promo / Demo can be found here


Packages can be Found in the releases Section

Note: Imagemagick is required for screenshots on linux and screenshots are not guaranteed to work on wayland as of now.

OS Instructions
Debian Based Linux A .deb archive has been provided
Arch Linux Arch user can install the pensela-bin aur package or the prebuilt package archive provided in the releases section
Other Linux An AppImage has been provided
Windows Download and run the setup provided in the releases section. You will have to disable your antivirus and / or mark the setup as safe
Mac OS A dmg has been provided. Or use Homebrew: brew install --cask pensela

Features to be Added in Future Versions

  • Better UX
  • Auto Updates
  • Guided “Getting Started” Tour
  • Add more Features
    • Full-fledged Screen Recording Tool
    • Better Text Support
    • Seperate Colors For Stroke and Fill
    • Better Laser Pointer


Any kind of contribution is welcome

  1. Fork the Project
  2. Install the dependencies with npm
  3. Create your Feature Branch
  4. Commit your Changes
  5. Push to the Branch
  6. Open a Pull Request

Feel free to report an issue or request a feature in the Issues Section.



Distributed under the ISC License.


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