DiscordJS v.14 Starting Point

The ultimate and easy scalable DiscordJS v.14 starting point for your Bot

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If you are interested in a repository for the v.13 DiscordJS starting point, check out https://github.com/spoeky-dev/DiscordJS-13!


  • Documentation
  • Slash Command Handler
  • Global Commands
  • Event Handler
  • Example For Every Feature


First, clone this repository.

git clone https://github.com/spoeky-dev/DiscordJS-14.git

Then, install the necessary requirements.

npm install

Now, create a .env file and add your TOKEN

Last but not least, in ./src/handlers/slashHandler add your clientID and guildID


To start your Bot, type

npm start

Or, if you are using nodemon, type

npm run dev


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