The Untold Stories of Open Source

Open Source is embedded in every software application you touch today.

It’s impossible to build a large scale application without it. The real question is, what’s the story behind that component, application, or framework you just downloaded? Not the specs. Not the functionality. The real story: “Who wrote the code? What is their backstory? What led them to the Open Source community?”

From the Linux Foundation office in New York City, welcome to “The Untold Stories of Open Source”. Each week we explore the people who are supporting Open Source projects, how they became involved with it, and the problems they faced along the way.

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A New Model for Technical Training, with Clyde Seepersad
The Business Side of Open Source, with Patrick Debois
A Life in Open Source, with Brian Behlendorf
Balancing Priorities at the CNCF, with Priyanka Sharma
The Untold Stories of Open Source – An Introduction to the new Podcast from the Linux Foundation

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What the project does

The Linux Foundation Podcast Project is a public podcast. Each week, the podcast features projects and people using open source.

Why the project is useful

The podcast is used to inform the Linux and Open Source communities as to the current state in development of open source initiatives and Linux Foundation Projects. It is vendor neutral, with no interviews of commercial product vendors or sales teams.

How users can get started with the project

The easiest way to keep track of the project is through subscription to the podcast series on your favorite podcast platform. You will be notified of new podcasts, which will be distributed on all major podcast platforms.

Where users can get help with your project

Questions and comments are welcome, especially suggestions for upcoming shows. Add a pull request to the show’s GitHub project.

Who maintains and contributes to the project

Mark Miller, VP, Community and Outreach Executive Director, Linux Podcast

James McLeod, Director of Community, FINOS


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