is a simple structured PWA stream browser

About is mobile first and easy to use. It runs on all desktop and mobile devices. Delivering South African live radio, the latest YouTube music videos and more. Pivoting on Twitter and some other social media which is used for simple promotion and reach.

Inspired by my love for music, radio and people! Dedicated to my dad who never stopped supporting me or my research.


Framework7 and Thorium Builder used for framework, scaffolding and design. Github for source control, automation and static hosting. Not to mention stacks of trial and error including extreme determination!


In essence the is pre configured to aggregate existing open streaming media in a structured browser enhancing the StreamBrowser user experience.


Thanking all external media sources and services, whom each remain the rightful owners of their own individual content and copyright. The content is merely aggregated and the user directed to the url when they use the StreamBrowser and the sources are never owned or modified at all.


Only open social media or public facing websites are browsed or aggregated in the StreamBrowser. No attempts are made to decrypt or bypass any digital rights management at all. The sources are freely available online and the StreamBrowser only contains links to these. In some cases for example the Rebrandly Link Gallery (browser) publicly available url links are used to navigate the user to the resources outside the StreamBrowser directly. The users are simply redirected to the respective websites or content by the StreamBrowser. They are then in turn navigated back to the origin, which in this case is the StreamBrowser. All efforts are made to present this seamlessly to the StreamBrowser user. All efforts are made to enhance and perfect the StreamBrowser user’s in-app experience. The content is not copied, modified, filtered or altered at all. The StreamBrowser acts just like any modern browser like Google Chrome except the destinations can’t be determined by the user, yet they can still navigate to the sources included in the structure of the StreamBrowser.

Design & Architecture:

Hosting: Namecheap, Cloudfront DevOps: Github, Netlify, Cloudfront, Vercel Social: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Gooogle, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe Video: YouTube Audio: Shazam Images: Pintrest, Canva Music: YouTube Music, Spotify, Deezer Indie: Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Bandcamp, Reverbnation NFT: Radio: Thank you for lending a hand to all the featured South African radio stations!


Any takedowns requests will always be considered, and should be addresed to: [email protected] and please also make direct contact Whatsapp


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