Save deleted youtube video titles – Chrome extension

This extension will save the titles of youtube videos that have been deleted, so you can easily add them back.

General Information

If you have a playlist of songs on youtube, and some of the videos get taken down, all the information disappears. Unless you have a photographic memory, you will probably not remember the title of the song. That means you can’t add the song again to your playlist. That is the reason why i created this extension. An easy and simple way to save the titles of those deleted videos.

Technologies Used

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript ES2015


List the ready features here:

  • Find your youtube playlist, and with one click you will compare your current playlist to your previous one and save the missing titles.
  • Easy and simple UI


Example screenshot


All you need is Google Chrome. You can download the extension here.


There are 4 options is this extension:

“Find playlist from this youtube page” – By pressing this link, the extension will automaticly search the current webpage for a youtube playlist. If it finds one, it will show you to titles in the playlist so you can double check if its the correct playlist. If you press the “Yes” button, the extension will compare the new playlist with the old playlist. If there are any videos that are missing from the new playlist, these titles will be added to another list. Then it will update your old playlist to the new playlist.

“Show deleted videos” – This will show you all the deleted video titles you have in your list.

“Show saved playlist” – This will showcase your saved playlist and the titles included.

“Empty deleted videos list” – Here you can delete your deleted video list, and start over again.

Project Status

The project is still being worked on.

Future features

To do:

  • Be able to save multiple playlist
  • Automatically save and compare playlist without the need for user to activate anything.
  • Automatically adding a video with the same title as the deleted one.
  • Give the playlists name.


Created by @davemarong – feel free to contact me!


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