Flask chat app

Live Test : quicko inchallah it will be so funny! 😂

some screenshot from the app


project description and details

in this projects i will try to implement a complete chat sysytem work in web browser and provide an api for mobile devices to use it with flutter including the following features :

  • create an acount

  • send message in with difffrent data type :

    1. text
    2. video
    3. images
  • real time chat

  • edit profile information

  • modern design

  • provide api for flutter part


  1. required packages

  2. how to clone the project and prepare the project

  3. confirugation the app

  4. run the app

required packages

blinker==1.4 certifi==2021.10.8 cffi==1.15.0 charset-normalizer==2.0.11 click==8.0.3 colorama==0.4.4 dominate==2.6.0 Flask==2.0.2 Flask-Bootstrap== Flask-Dance==5.1.0 Flask-Mail==0.9.1 PyMongo[srv] Flask-PyMongo==2.3.0 Flask-Bcrypt==0.7.1 Flask-WTF==1.0.0 idna==3.3 importlib-metadata==4.10.1 itsdangerous==2.0.1 Jinja2==3.0.3 MarkupSafe==2.0.1 oauthlib==3.2.0 pycparser==2.21 pymongo==4.0.1 requests==2.27.1 requests-oauthlib==1.3.1 six==1.16.0 typing-extensions==4.0.1 urllib3==1.26.8 URLObject==2.4.3 visitor==0.1.3 Werkzeug==2.0.2 WTForms==3.0.1 zipp==3.7.0 gunicorn ordereddict python-socketio==4.6.0 python-engineio==3.13.2 Flask-SocketIO==4.3.1\

how to clone the project and prepare the project

import requests
import re
url = input("Enter the URL: ")
html = requests.get(url).text
links = re.findall('"(https?://.*?)"', html)
for link in links:

confirugation the app

  "firstName": "John",
  "lastName": "Smith",
  "age": 25

Run the app

function myFunc(theObject) {
  theObject.make = 'Toyota';

var mycar = {make: 'Honda', model: 'Accord', year: 1998};
var x, y;

x = mycar.make; // x gets the value "Honda"

y = mycar.make; // y gets the value "Toyota"
                // (the make property was changed by the function)


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