This project aims to implement 4 microservices pertaining to serving books as content.


Run the docker compose yaml file to start.

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yaml up

System Design


  • Built a scalable backend system to serve books as contents.
  • Dockerized entire application including all services and databases for easy deployement.
  • Used Nginx as a reverse proxy to cater requests to different services.
  • Used RabbitMQ as the Message-Broker to publish message from User Service to Email Service after which an email
    will be sent to the newly regsitered user.
  • User can filter books based on the basis of likes or reads interactions.
  • Implemented database using Mongodb for all three services.

System Architecture

system_design_template drawio

This diagram illustrates how this project’s backend works.


Diagram Code

Title: Backend Architecture
participant client
participant Nginx Server as proxy
participant Contents server as webserver
participant controller
participant service
participant domain
participant database

client -> proxy:  POST /api/v1/Contents
proxy -> webserver:  POST /api/v1/Contents
webserver -> controller: post_content_handler()
controller -> service: content_service(user_id)
service -> domain: content_domain(user_id)
domain -> database: domain_model
domain -> service: document
service -> controller: data
controller -> webserver: JSON or HTML Response
webserver -> proxy: HTTP Response
proxy -> client: HTTP Response

Database Schema


User Service

  • User service deals with user registration and login.
  • Jwt tokens is used to authorize the incoming user’s request in all the services.

Rest Apis

 register new user          POST     http:://api/v1/users/register

 Login current user         GET      http:://api/v1/users/login

 update phoneno             PATCH    http:://api/v1/users/updatephone

 update password            PATCH    http:://api/v1/users/updatepassword

 update name                PATCH    http:://api/v1/users/updatename
 delete user                DELETE   http:://api/v1/users
  • Request

 curl -X POST -d '{"name":"chirag","email":"[email protected]","password":"abc1","phoneno":8123456789}' \
 http://localhost:80/api/v1/users/register \
 --header 'Content-Type: application/json'
  • Response Body: 201

  "result": {
      "name": "Chirag",
       "email": "[email protected]",
       "password": "abc1",
       "phoneno": 8123456789,
       "_id": "61f77e267aceb6f9e51c25b3",

Email Service

  • Email service sends greeting mail to the newly registered users.
  • It consumes events from Message queue published by User service after new registration.
  • Email is sent using node mailer.


Content Service

  • Serving books as content. A content will have a story and title as contents.
  • Content service should have atleast the title, story, date published and the user id stored.
  • A user will be able to create, update and delete contents.

Rest Apis

 post new content             POST    http:://api/v1/contents/

 get newly added contents     GET     http:://api/v1/users/new

 get top liked contents       GET     http:://api/v1/contents/top/liked

 get top read contents        GET     http:://api/v1/contents/top/read

 get content by id            GET     http:://api/v1/contents/:id
 update story                 PATCH   http:://api/v1/contents/:id/update-story
 update title                 PATCH   http:://api/v1/contents/:id/update-title
 delete content               DELETE  http:://api/v1/contents/:id
  • Request

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <Token>" http://localhost:80/api/v1/contents/new \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'
  • Response

       "_id": "61f82deddaa122263e6f0c22",
       "title": "Interstellar",
       "story": "No Time for caution",
       "user_id": "61f82b9d2dfca828d5238e2c",
       "createdAt": "2022-01-31T18:43:57.980Z",
       "_id": "61f82ba9daa122263e6f0c1d",
       "title": "HEllo world",
       "story": "Random story",
       "user_id": "61f82b9d2dfca828d5238e2c",
       "createdAt": "2022-01-31T18:34:17.596Z"
       "_id": "61f82ba8daa122263e6f0c1b",
       "title": "Toy story",
       "story": "To infity and beyond",
       "user_id": "61f82b9d2dfca828d5238e2c",
       "createdAt": "2022-01-31T18:34:16.177Z"

User interaction service

  • User Interaction service is basically supposed record events done by the user. In this case the service records 2 types of
    events, Like and Read.
  • Like – The content liked by the current user.
  • Read – The content i.e book completely read by the user.
  • This service exposes API for content service inorder to fetch top contents bases on likes and read since these 2 events data is
    stored in User_events database.

Rest Apis

 Like a content                          PUT    http:://api/v1/interact/like

 Comepleted reading a content            PUT    http:://api/v1/interact/read

 get like interaction on given content   GET    http:://api/v1/interact/:content_id/likes
 get read interaction on given content   GET    http:://api/v1/interact/:content_id/read
  • Request

 curl -X PUT -H "Authorization: Bearer <Token>" http://localhost:80/api/v1/interact/like?content_id=61f82ba9daa122263e6f0c1d \
 --header 'Content-Type: application/json'
  • Response

   "success": true


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