Tidito is a processes visualization tool. It allows you to present and plan processes by using timing diagrams.

Tidito is an online tool, no installation is required. It’s available at https://tidito.github.io/. It was created using JavaScript and p5

You are able to:

  • Create, edit and delete timing diagrams.
  • Export your work to a *.json file to back it up or share it.


Keyboard shortcuts

  • [w] – increase length of selected high states by 1
  • [s] – decrease length of selected high states by 1
  • [a] – move selected high states to the left by 1
  • [d] – move selected high states to the right by 1
  • [shift] + [w/s/a/d] – repeat the action 5 times
  • [x ] – delete selected high states
  • [ctrl] + click – multi selection

To do

  • Display keybord shortcuts description after pressing [?]
  • Display the length of selected and currently drawn high state
  • Add editable label to every high state
  • Add a guideline – vertical line that constantly follow mouse cursor and snaps to ticks
  • Add on/off toggle for the guideline
  • Add editable text area for project notes with markdown support
  • Add unit multiplier. One tick can be 1, 0.1, 0.01 etc.
  • Add rising and falling ramps


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