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To-Do-List Project

  • This is a Microverse project that entails a to-do-list.

Built With

  • HTML & CSS & Javascript

Getting Started

  • Here is the link to the repo link
  • Clone this repo to get started by using git clone(insert the repo here)


  • Git. Which is a open source distributed version control system designed for source code management
  • A text editor (e.g Visual Studio Code, Vim, Atom & Sublime.)
  • A web browser (e.g Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox.)
  • Live Server which is a web extension that helps you to live reload feature for dynamic content (PHP, Node.js, ASPNET)


  • Here is the live link to view this project link


  • Using git, clone the code to your machine or download a Zip File.


👤 Grace Muthui

🤝 Contributing

  • Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome!

  • Feel free to check the issues page.


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