Testing for Storybook

This repo aims to test the Interaction Testing with Storybook. To see if we can leverage this built-in feature to test our UI library.


I would like to test our UI library with Storybook Interaction Testing.

The reasons are:

  • We are using Storybook. The Interaction feature is amazing.
  • We can play the Interactions in our Storybook directly.
  • Once we are done writing the play function to enable Interaction. We are almost done for writing the Interaction Testing.
  • The experience of writing Interaction Testing is almost the same as writing Testing Library.

The risks would be:

  • Storybook Interaction Testing is in the early stage.
  • We couldn’t collect the testing coverage of Interaction Tests.
  • What if we want to leave Storybook? We will have to unbind our tests with stories.

Is it possible to minimize the risks?

It’s possible. I am trying.


Storybook – Interactions

Run $ npm run storybook and open the interactions addon tab of http://localhost:6006/?path=/story/example-button–primary.


ref: https://storybook.js.org/docs/react/essentials/interactions

Storybook – Interaction Testing

Run $ npm run test-storybook.


ref: https://storybook.js.org/blog/interaction-testing-with-storybook/


fix test-storybook error

If you see the following error when running test-storybook:

TypeError: Jest: Got error running globalSetup - /[root]/node_modules/@storybook/test-runner/playwright/global-setup.js, reason: Class extends value #<Object> is not a constructor or null

Please set the following dependencies according to this issue#18120 .

"jest": "^27.5.1",
"jest-runner": "^27.5.1",
"jest-environment-node": "27.5.1"

collect test coverage

Storybook doesn’t support coverage from Interaction Testing yet.

See https://discord.com/channels/486522875931656193/691505730125168682/965162639321882634.


jest-playwright does support coverage collecting with option collectCoverage: true. But it seems not working now.

ref: https://github.com/playwright-community/jest-playwright.



  • shared UI library -> small / composable UI components
  • no API request -> don’t need to do mocking
  • documented with storybook -> let’s why I do this survey
  • use chromatic -> we can play the interactions on it
Testing Tool type coverage confidence easy to write maintainability happiness
Enzyme unit test support 7 4 5 5
Testing Library unit test support 7 8 7 8
Storybook Interaction Testing e2e test N/A 10 (cross browsers) 8 9 (GUI) 10 (interactions)
Cypress e2e test support 10 (cross browsers) 6 9 (GUI) 8


Enzyme is useful to test component as a unit. But our target is a shared UI library. So I prefer to ignore the implementation details.

It is a bit slow to update.

Testing Library

React-testing-library is officially recommended by react.

Avoid testing the implementation details. See Why is testing implementation details bad?

Storybook Interaction Testing

Powered by Jest, Playwright, and Testing Library.

The test writing experience is almost the same as using the Testing Library.


Maybe it’s the most popular e2e testing framework now.

How do other UI libraries test their components?

Material UI

Migration from Enzyme to Testing Library since v5.0.0.

Use playwright as it’s e2e test framework.

Ant Design

Recommend using Testing Library on Ant Design Pro.

Use puppeteer to write e2e tests.


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