Todo dApp with Solididty, Alchemy, and Hardhat

Getting Started

Clone the repository and change directory to the todo-dapp-tutorial directory:

git clone
cd todo-dapp-tutorial

Create a .env file and add the following lines:

ALCHEMY_URL="paste your Alchemy HTTPS URL"
WALLET_PRIVATE_KEY="paste your MetaMask private key"

Install the dependencies from terminal:

npm install

# run tests
npx hardhat test  

# deploy the smart contract to the Goerli test network
npx hardhat run scripts/deploy.js --network goerli

After deploying the smart contract, open the frontend/config.js file and paste your contractAddress.

export const TaskContractAddress = "0x...";

Navigate to the frontend directory and run the following command:

cd frontend

npm install 

npm start

Now you can visit localhost:3000 and see the Todo list decentralized application.

Make sure to connect to the goerli network and connect to localhost:3000 from MetaMask.

If you’re new to MetaMask, follow the tutorial here.


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