This tooling is used to automate converting .xlsx localisation to in-game compatible .json files for the game Vampire Survivors.


  • Firstly, clone the repo and run:
    npm install

  • Before running the conversion, please ensure you have placed the public loaclisation file into the correct path:
    • You should locate the following directory ./xlsx/ (or create it if not present)
    • Then place the loacalisation file into this directory using the required filename: input.xlsx

  • If you need to add a new language, please check the ./langs/langs.json template file and add the appropriate section for your new language including the correct locale code and name.

  • Once this is all setup, simply run the conversion using the following command:
    npm run convert-lang

  • You will now have an output folder at ./out/ which contains the converted .json files that are able to be used directly in the game.


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