Toxic Rainer

Auto-BloxFlip Rain Joiner

Toxic Rainer is a web-socket based background running program used to automatically join BloxFlip Rains to get free robux.

Running it whole week will give you 1500-2500 Robux [Depends].For best results, run it during any event days, such as Christmas

  • Run 24/7 with no delay
  • No hardware utilization, hence no heating up of PC.

Read this if you want to know Crash revealer


  • Custom Discord webhook logger
  • Auto rain join/leave
  • Trivia notifier
  • Windows notification
  • Super stealthy
  • Anti-Bot Bypass

Why was this project made?

The main goal behind creation of such a program was to provide free robux to people who can’t afford it. EzRain as well sells this, but at unfairingly overpriced, which is definetly a scam and therefore I wanted to contribute whatever I could!


Setting up the program is super easy! Firstly, click the green colored button above and Click Download ZIP. Unzip the file and do as follow

Installing Node
  • Download the latest version of NodeJS from here

  • Install the .msi package and load NodeJS.

  • Make sure to add to path.

    Refer here for simple tutorial

Getting your BloxFlip Authentication
  • Go to Bloxflip and then press CTRL+SHIFT+I or F12 or just open Developer tools

  • Navigate to console and enter the following code.

Editing config.json

All the keys are required and is case sensitive.

Key Value
auth Your BloxFlip Authentication, without ‘
webhook Discord webhook, starting with https://
win_notif Enable/Disable notification [Windows only]. (Boolean)
product Browser name. chrome or firefox [Case sensitive]
path Path of your browser. Right click browser and click properties, copy path and add \ before ever \ Eg.
Installing dependencies
  • Open install.bat and run it.
  • If success, no error should have been shown.
  • Common error includes npm not recognized, which means that you haven’t either installed or added to path. Refer here to fix
  • Open run.bat and wait for a rain.
  • If any error occurs, you may contact me via Discord or Reddit!


Wanna contribute for the development of BloxFlip Tools?

In the coming weeks, a paid version of BloxFLip Crash revealer would be released and the price would go as high as 35$ per month. You can simply avoid this by contributing for the development and earn a free life-time access to it!

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