WIP – under heavy development

TradeX-chart is a trade chart written in plain (vanilla) JavaScript with minimal dependencies; use it with any framework or backend.

It provides a two way API to give you complete control over the chart.

TradeX-chart was created to give you the developer the freedom to choose your framework and not lock you in.

Secondly after talking to other developers, top on their wishlist for a trading chart was more direct control over it, so they could create their own custom plots. The extensive API will give you power over your chart data like you never had before. Subscribe to the internal events messaging to trigger events in your own application.




npm install
npm run dev

Currently no distribution build, but coming soon to a repo near you…


Plain JavaScript with no framework dependencies

WIP: All chart features and functions accessible via API

Built in a modular manner

Build your own modular plugins

Provides message, emit and subscribe methods

State object defines chart configuration, on and off chart indicators, drawing tool overlays and can be imported or exported.

Chart implements a multi-layer canvas class which makes overlays easy. It also supports interaction through hit detection.

Export chart to png, jpg, webp.

Indicator calculation provided by talib-web as a WebAssembly module.

Supports multiple candle types:

  • solid
  • hollow
  • solid up, hollow down
  • hollow up, solid down
  • OHLC
  • TODO: area

Chart pan / scroll via mouse or cursor keys


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