Travee is inspired from Travee is a web Application in which users can find tourist places and review them. Users can also add their own tourist spots. A map has also been displayed for better searching. I have completely revamped the UI and made it into a light and dark mode for reducing eye strain. It is already populated with Indian cities.

Built with

Front End

  • HTML, CSS, Bootsrap v5.0
  • EJS, EJS Mate

Back End

  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB
  • cloudinary
  • MapBox
  • passport(local-strategy)
  • JOI
  • connect-flash
  • morgan
  • sessions



  • User can register and login
  • Used Passport for that purpose


  • User needs to be logged in to make any change(add,update or delete)
  • A user can only alter his posts or reviews


  • Tourist spots are marked on a cluster map using Mapbox API
  • Client side and server side validations are done
  • Images of tourist places are uploaded to Cloudinary
  • Images can be added and deleted after creation of tourist spots
  • CRUD functions have been implemented on tourist spots
  • Flash messages are displayed
  • Every tourist spot has it’s location displayed seperately on a map


  • Application on Heroku
  • Database on MongoDB Atlas


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