Turborepo starter with React, Vue and tailwindCSS (All using TypeScript)

This is a Turborepo starter with two different apps/frameworks using (React/Next.js, Vue/Nuxt.js) with TailwindCSS installed and a shared ui package for each framework.

What’s inside?

This turborepo uses npm as a package manager. It includes the following packages/apps:

Apps and Packages

  • apps
  • packages
    • react-ui: a stub React component library shared across all React applications.
    • vue-ui: a stub Vue component library shared across all Vue applications.
    • eslint-config-custom: eslint configurations (includes eslint-config-next and eslint-config-prettier)
    • tsconfig: tsconfig.jsons used throughout the monorepo

Each package/app is 100% TypeScript.


This turborepo has some additional tools already setup for you:

Getting Started

First clone the repo, then install the dependencies

npm install

after that, start the development server (apps running in parallel)

npm run dev

That’s it, enjoy!


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