This is a simple project built in node.js and using the TWITCH API.

How does Twitch bot work?

the bot logic is quite simple:

  • every 30 seconds the bot does an HTTP request to the API to get the data about the followers of a twtich_channel,
  • to see the unfollow, the bot made a paring between the follower of the previus request and return an array of the unfollow nickname,
  • then the bot update the follower.json file (file where is stored the list of username) with the new follower list,

How set up the bot

  • clone the repo with: git clone <Repo URL>

  • install node.js:

  • install dependencies with : npm install

  • from the twitch api (link to the doc to get the token) get the bot token and the client_id (small tips to get the channel id that you want, this chrome extention will help you)

  • execute the follower.js file that setup the follower.json node ./follower.js

  • than if you want to create an .env file with the bot data you can do it so that you can use my bot without doing a lot of chaning (Remember to use the same name that i have use, if you want to use my same structure)

#my env structure
  • now you are ready to execute the bot
node index.js

For every bug/problem or new feautures open a new issue


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