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Jellybot is a Twitch chatbot powered by Javascript. It is a simple chatbot that can be used to provide simple commands to Twitch users.


How do I install / get Jellybot?

Head on over to the release page and download the latest version.

How to report a bug?

You may create a bug report on the issues page

Where to share a new feature idea?

You may create a feature request on the issues page


This code (everything in this repository) is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. With this meaning, you may use the code in this repository, modify it as you see fit, and distribute this code. However, if you were to release it, it must be under the same license, make it open source, and provide documentation of the changes. All versions must have copyright credit pointing back to this source.

Anything using this code must be under the GNU Public License, and a copyright credit must point back here.


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