Unofficial archive of old Scratch projects

Due to the Scratch Team planning to remove the ability to view unshared projects (LLK/scratch-www#6773), I had the idea to archive as many old projects as possible with the purpose of preserving Scratch’s community history.

Opening projects

The files all are automatically downloaded with the .sb3 extension for compatibility, but some older projects may not import correctly. If Scratch fails to import a project, then attempt to switch the file extension to either .sb2 or .sb

Contributing projects

Please, contribute! First, clone this repo to your computer or a cloud machine with plenty of space. Second, run npm install. Third, see what the most recent project is (the largest filename in the projects folder), then edit the index.js file’s initialIndex and finalIndex variables accordingly. I recommend that you keep the initialIndex and finalIndex no more than 10000 apart – otherwise, you’ll have some problems with RAM consumption. Once you’ve downloaded a lot of files, make a commit with a message like this:

[projects] to 36000

Make a PR and I’ll merge it!


The projects are currently stored in this GitHub repository. Once enough are downloaded that they exceed GitHub’s limits, they will be moved to a free 200GB Oracle Block Volume where they will be publicly accessible through a server.


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