Wazirx Google Sheet Dashbaord

Use Google Sheet to visualise your WazirX Portfolio


All the code is in the Google Sheet itself and also in this repository and if you use the SpreadSheet you own it so there are no privacy concerns.

But make sure you don’t share the spreadsheet with your KEYS in it. (VERY IMPORTANT)

? Step by Step Instructions

  • Go to this spreadsheet and make a copy of it.
  • You would need API Key from your WazirX Account

Here’s how you can get one. Visit WazirX Keys Section


⚠️ Word Of Caution [IMPORTANT]

If you want to share the sheet with someone else, make sure you don’t leave your API & SECRET_KEY in the sheet.
That’s why it’s better to make a copy of it without your API and SECRET_KEY or Share the original spreadsheet instead

If your API or SECRET KEY gets compromised then the person will get access to your entire account and they can buy or sell any of your coins.

⚠️ If you think your API has been compromised then you can delete it from the WazirX Keys Section.

  • Once you get your API and SECRET_KEY. Paste it in the B2 column like this


Go to the hodlings page. (See at the bottom)


This showDummyData mean it would show random data for the amount column. Defaults to false i.e your actual amount would show up.


And you will see your account data. That is it ?.


? Is this safe?

Yes, it’s safe because you own the code as the entire code is in the Google Sheet itself. As long as someone don’t have access to your Gmail account or
you don’t share the Spreadsheet with your API Keys in it.
You don’t need to worry about it. But make sure your gmail account isn’t owned/shared with someone else or not logged into a public computer.

If you want to see the code here’s how you would do it.


And this is all the code


❓ Why I built this

WazirX doesn’t have a dashboard to show coin allocation yet and I wanted to visually see in which coin I’m investing in the most (It’s MATIC AND ETH btw ?) with percentages.
So I decided to use Google Sheet and build it myself

Why Google Sheet?

Because you can easily draw charts and that’s exactly what I wanted.

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It also has Chrome Extension so you can create alerts right from the WazirX Website ?


That’s basically it

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