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To Do:

  • implement O-Auth for Google, GitHub, Facebook
  • connect to MongoDB
  • boxes display color based on status property
  • allow user to enter/edit innerText
  • implement error handling in server
  • nav links redirect to static pages (temporary)
  • improve routing and file/folder structure
  • style radio buttons similar to
  • right-click to toggle box status
  • rebuild in React / TypeScript
  • integrate with CS Study Buddy
  • unify styling between components
  • style modals and their content
  • make it responsive (no squishing or covering)
  • make it mobile-friendly
  • CSS 3D card flip effect
  • implement undo history
  • more transitions and animations
  • user account page
  • update via modal window rather than right-side interface
  • greet the user by first name


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