User-friendly & responsive website for Covid-19 Awareness & Protection.

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About Project

As we know that the COVID-19 pandemic has now entered its third year. Till the December 2021, the novel coronavirus was raging in almost 200 countries and had killed more than 5.3 million people. We need to come together and fight against it.

Lack of awareness among people and not having proper knowledge about the symptoms, not following prevention rules makes the covid cases and deaths higher.

So, Core idea of my project as an INTERN at FUTURE READY TALENT is to build a COVID-19 Awareness website which includes all the covid-19 related information with it’s symptoms, prevention, treatments, etc. using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, BOOTSTRAP & OTHER JS FRAMEWORKS.

Service Used for Deployment

To build and deploy the whole website I’ve chosen Azure Cloud Platform by using it’s
STATIC WEB APPS SERVICE linking it to my Github repository for deployment of project in an easy way.

Website Details

This website is both mobile and desktop-friendly with animated contents. It has only one webpage and navigation can be done either by scrolling website or by operating navbar links.

The webpage is divided into mutiple sections including Footer:

  • Sections are based on Covid-19-Information, It’s Transmission, Symptoms, Emergency Helpline Number for Covid, Prevention & Treatments, Covid-Cases Count, FAQ’s, etc.
  • Footer has all the important links by which user can access them easily instead of searching separately.

The goal of this website is that to make asian population and all other people aware & get exact knowledge about Covid-19 and to protect themselves from this disease.
After knowing the symptoms, people can clearly identify themselves if they are attacked by covid or not If,yes they can go further for test and have proper treatment instead of taking normal medicines.

You can visit my website live by clicking on the link provided above.

Wesite Demo Screenshots:

First View:

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About Covid-19:

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Covid Cases in India:

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Footer with Imp links:

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