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This is a video calling application where users can call other user and will also have the capabiltiy to mute their mic and audio. Their is also real time chat functionality. It’s also a modern PWA so users can install it on their devices like other native apps.

Project Linkhttps://video-chat-mihir.vercel.app/

Demo Videohttps://youtu.be/zsyEx2sVi6c

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Features and Functionalities

  • Video Call with others
  • Mute audio/video
  • Instantly join a video call with a code
  • Chat in real-time
  • Chat Notifications
  • Now, supports real-time screen sharing also (Thanks to chand10-beg)
  • Install it as a PWA (Progressive Web App) on your device
  • Unlimited duration calls
  • Share joining code instantly on social media platforms
  • Simple and intuitive UI

Screenshots 📸

Home Page

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Incoming Call

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In Call

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Contributor: Gautam Tiwari

Video Chat - Video Calling and chatting app built using React.js | Product Hunt

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