Description : Web Application to Buy/Sell Scrap Items

Requisite : Make sure you have Python3 and Pip installed in your System

How to Run (Windows) :

  1. Install requirements.txt to install necessary packages [pip install -r requirements.txt]

  2. Go to nexscrap -> -> Edit line nos. 133-138 and add your own Razorpay and Twilio credentials

  3. Runserver on localhost [python runserver]

  4. Go to http://localhost:8000 on your browser to visit Nexscrap Home

  5. Go to http://localhost:8000/admin on your browser to visit Admin Panel

Pre-Existing User Credentials :

  1. Superuser -> Username : admin, Password : admin123

  2. User1 -> Useranme : buyer, Password : buyer123

  3. User2 -> Username : seller, Password : seller123

How to Remove existing DB & Make new DB :

  1. Delete the db.sqlite3 file

  2. Create new migration [python makemigrations]

  3. Run the new migration [python migrate]

  4. Create new Superuser [python createsuperuser]

Sample Screenshot :


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