Linux Remote

This is a web based application that uses playerctl in it backend to control remotely your audio using the frontend as remote control.


Downloading and setup

First download with git

git clone

Then install dependencies for backend and frontend

cd linux-remote
cd api
npm install
cd ../app
npm install
cd ../

Running the backend

First copy the .env.sample file to .env

cd linux-remote/api
cp -r ./.env.sample ./.env

To run the backend simply run the start script:

npm start

Running the frontend

First copy the configuration for the api example and replace values with the correct:

cd linux-remote/app
cp -r ./src/api/conf.sample.json ./src/api/conf.json

Then build the application:

npm run build

Then install serve to make an http server:

sudo npm install -g serve

And execute this to make the server works:

cd dist

If you want you can use apache, simply put the dist folder content to the root of the apache folder

Running application for development

Use the script:

cd linux-remote


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