this is Webpack compiles the refresh plug-in and compile error logging plug-in,I found a lot of plugins on Github,error-overlay-wepback-plugin Both rely on React and are not very good for decoupling, so I wrote my own plugin to configure error-overlay and Browser-reload separately

The installation

 yarn add  browser-reload-error-overlay-wepback-plugin
 npm i --save browser-reload-error-overlay-wepback-plugin

Use the code


const BrowserReloadErrorOverlayWepbackPlugin = require("browser-reload-error-overlay-wepback-plugin");

 plugins: [
         // ...
        new BrowserReloadErrorOverlayWepbackPlugin(
     // ...

options parameter

options key default Value instructions
port 8080 Sckoet port
retryWait 5000 Sckoet reconnection time
delay 0 Post-compile delay refresh time (ms)
compilerWatch ()=>{} webpack Compile the callback function

Compile the log picture of the error

The author:yao guan shou (姚观寿)


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