Webpack plugin that helps importing .cdc files and polyfills fcl dependencies

This fixes the Buffer is not defined and Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘http’ bugs


npm i cadence-webpack-plugin -D


import MINT_NFT from './flow/mint-nft.cdc'

await mutate({
  cadence: MINT_NFT,
  // ...


This plugin helps improve the development experience by allowing the import of Cadence code within a .cdc file directly in Javascript, instead of needing to wrap the Cadence code in a Javascript const wrapper.

Previously we may have needed to do the following:

export const GET_FUSD_BALANCE = `
  import FungibleToken from 0xFungibleToken
  import FUSD from 0xFUSD

  pub fun main(address: Address): UFix64 {
  let account = getAccount(address)

  let vaultRef = account
  ?? panic("Could not borrow Balance capability")

  return vaultRef.balance

Importing directly into JS without wrapping the Cadence code allows us to see the syntax highlighting when modifying the Cadence code because it is in its native .cdc format.


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Setup with Webpack

In your webpack.config.js

const CadencePlugin = require('cadence-webpack-plugin')

module.exports = {
  // ...
  plugins: [
    new CadencePlugin(),
    // ...

Shortcut setup with Nullstack

In your webpack.config.js

const [server, client] = require('nullstack/webpack.config');
const { applyCadencePlugin } = require('cadence-webpack-plugin')

module.exports = applyCadencePlugin([server, client])


This project is released under the MIT License.


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